Great communication makes things happen.

It improves understanding, builds trust, changes minds. It is the heart and soul of an organization and the power behind every breakthrough and positive change.

Our Process

The Morris team uses communication as a strategic tool. We create communication strategies to time-release critical information across media and maximize engagement. Our signature approach to targeted messaging builds on high-potential, high-impact themes focused on a positive future.

Our Mission

We have a passion for business and the people who make it happenTM. We partner with our clients to build high performing businesses powered by engaged employees.

Empowering Employees

For more than 20 years, we’ve worked closely with global businesses and middle market companies as well as non-profits, in industries from health care to high tech…and just about everything in between. We create a customized communications solution designed to boost your team’s productivity, engagement, and morale.

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Meet Diana Morris, CEO

Diana Morris has been a force in corporate communications for more than 20 years. After earning an honors degree from Harvard University, she developed expertise in corporate and executive communications at Aon Consulting where she served as an Account Executive in the firm’s leading New York office.

Her experience includes a range of transactions from M&A to reorganizations to business transformation to outsourcing/offshoring initiatives. She has also served as a lead communicator on a number of HR/OD initiatives for companies with interests around the world.

Under Diana’s leadership, the Morris Communications team is recognized as top communications strategists by clients such as Novartis Oncology, The CIT Group, Tyco International, The Prudential, Rockport, Ralph Lauren Footwear, United Technologies, The Barnes Group, New York Life Insurance, American Express, and numerous others.

Diana has been a regular contributor to the Journal of Employee Communication Management and is the author of 10 books as well as hundreds of articles on business communication and employee engagement.

She has qualified for membership in the National Speaker’s Association and is a long-standing member of The International Association of Business Communicators, The Communication Leadership Exchange, and The Society for Human Resources Management.