Gotta-Run Books

Gotta-Run Books

Your workday just got better.


What Are Gotta-Run Books?

Gotta-Run Books are Diana Morris’ unique take on a topic. Each compact ebook is a short, powerful read, like a coaching session you can finish in an hour.

So, what’s happening in your work life? Conflict? Presentation this afternoon that you’re not ready for? Curveball of some kind? Performance review or feedback on your latest project coming your way? Tough email you need to write or meeting you need to facilitate?

Download a Gotta-Run Book

Download a Gotta-Run Book and in the time it takes to drink a latte (and for about the same price!), read it on your phone or tablet. Get fantastic, use-them-now ideas for making your workday better, no matter what job do, and no matter what you’re facing.