Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns

We deliver outstanding lunch and learns for leadership and employee development training.

Lunch & Learns

In addition to a turnkey, worry-free program, every Morris Communications workshop includes:

  • Free advance consultation on your business/team’s learning opportunities
  • “Save the Date” and “Reminder” emails for participants
  • Our breakthrough Envision, Activate, Go!© approach
  • Participant Guides that include all the material and exercises in the session and serve as long-term reminders of key ideas

Our Most Popular Workshops

LEADING AT THE SPEED OF CHANGE: How to Communicate Best When It Matters Most

Good communication during change engages employees, boosts change acceptance, minimizes disruption to your business, and retains your best employees.  Learn how leaders and managers can use communication to help employees adapt to change and thrive in an ever-changing environment. 

TAKING ON TOMORROW: Use Change to Go Further, Faster

Imagine being ready for change. Any change. Ready to pivot to the next best opportunity for yourself or your team. Find out how to use change to grow, contribute, learn, and advance.

20/20 INSIGHT: Use Critical Thinking to See Change as Opportunity

Our signature Critical Possibilities Approach combines the best of critical thinking and visioning strategies to find the best opportunities in change and build smart strategies to take advantage of them.

CREATIVE CONFLICT: The Key to the New Productivity

Creative tension is a must for any highly functioning team, especially during change. Find out how to maximize this powerful asset.

THINK ON YOUR FEET! Present with Confidence and Power Any time, Anywhere

Make every presentation a career- and leadership-building moment to be seen and heard.

WORDS THAT WORK: Business Writing at Its Best

Learn the secrets to jumpstarting any business writing task. Zero-in on your audience, organize your key points, and write a solid draft…in a flash!

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