Do employees get "initiative burnout"?

Do employees get "initiative burnout"?

In my experience, yes, but not from new programs. They get it from having multiple programs launched with lots of fanfare and then…silence.

Employees conclude, understandably, that initiatives don’t last. Skepticism takes hold, and the chances of engaging employees on future initiatives go down.

 If you find yourself in this situation, resist the temptation to conduct tentative or quiet future launches for fear of disappointing employees even more or embarrassing your leadership team. This approach can backfire. Your hesitation communicates a lack of conviction about the value of an initiative and could lead employees to the same conclusion: it’s just the flavor of the month. Ignore it, and it will just go away like the last one.

 A much better approach— start with a reality check: is the program viable? Are the goals strategic, compelling, and crystal clear? If your initiative passes these tests, launch it with all the fanfare you can muster. Keep the momentum going with updates, add-ons, and leader talking points on how the program is tracking against goals/benchmarks.

Finally communicate results, wrap up, move on!